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JRC Jewellery

JRC Jewellery


Established in 1991, JRC Jewellery has become a well established name in Merthyr Tydfil’s town centre. With business doing well and their name carrying such a good reputation, JRC Jewellery recently opened a new business branch in Cowbridge.


JRC Jewellery came to Customised Signs for a complete rebrand, including a brand new logo created by our graphic design team to be used on all types of promotional materials like gift bags and jewellery boxes as well as shop signs.


The new branch, situated on Cowbridge’s High Street, needed external shop signs to stamp their new endeavour on the map. Customised Signs worked closely with the client to design and created two brand new signs, one large and one smaller, using 3M coloured vinyl and an aluminium composite board.


Customised Signs also created stylish business cards and A-boards for JRC Jewellery to promote their new venture and to create a brand that people will recognise.