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Shop Signs

An eye-catching shop front is key to attracting new customers, and here at Customised Signs we know how important it is to have the right design. Our graphic design team can work with you to develop your design and create a unique, custom shop sign. We offer a range of signs, including window graphics, illuminated signs, and 3D lettering.

External Signs


Customised Signs offer a range of external signs that are custom built to meet your individual building and design requirements. We can fabricate signs from a range of different materials including acrylic and aluminium. All signs are designed in consultation with our graphic design team who will work to turn your design brief into a reality.



Flat Cut Lettering


We offer a range of different styles of sign including flat cut lettering which utilises a computer controlled router to cut out lettering and graphics. These letterings and graphics are cut from flat sheets of material, for example acrylic, aluminium and PVC board. Flat cut lettering can be raised from the background, creating an eye-catching 3D effect.




























Lettering and Fonts


We can tailor the font and lettering style of signs to suit your individual design needs. Our graphic designers will take your lettering and font preferences into account when designing your sign and will work closely with you to ensure that the product meets your design objectives.





Although we can fabricate signs from a range of different materials, the most common materials we use for exterior signs are foamboard, acrylic and dibond.


Foamboard is a lightweight PVC board that is moisture resistant. Available in 3mm, 5mm, 10mm and 19mm, foamboard is a temporary sign solution compared with the more durable acrylic and dibond.


Acrylic is a hard, translucent plastic material that is particularly suitable for flat cut lettering as it can be raised from the background, creating a 3D effect. Acrylic comes in a range of different measurements and can be cut to fit your design requirements.


Dibond is a lightweight yet durable material. With a resin core and aluminium veneer on each side, dibond is strong and is particularly suitable for exterior signs. Available in 3mm and 5mm, dibond is a popular choice for outdoor signage.



Window Graphics


In addition to traditional exterior signs, we can also design window graphics. These are an effective way to increase your advertising without installing a large exterior sign.



How We Work


Before fabricating your sign, we often carry out a site inspection in order identify your building and design requirements. A design brief will be submitted to our graphic design team who will devise a series of design proofs. These proofs will then be submitted to you for approval. Once you are completely satisfied with the design of your product, your sign will be fabricated in our workshop. Finally, our experienced fitters will install your new sign, transforming the exterior of your building to your design specifications.



Type of Letters


If you own a building, a shop or require any type of external signs we can help. We offer a vast range of external signs such as flat cut letters, illuminated signs, window graphics, door signs and hanging signs.


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