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Wallpaper Ink | Bespoke wallpaper design

Custom Wallpaper

Digital wallpapers are a fresh and innovative way to decorate your office or corporate space. Digital wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular as businesses realise the potential to transform their offices to reflect their core brand values. This wallpaper is a great addition to any office space for example reception areas, boardrooms and corridors, ensuring that your brand image is reflected throughout your business as a whole. Installing digital wallpaper into your corporate space creates a great first impression, effectively communicating your business values to your customers and clients.

Customised Signs can produce digital wallpaper that adheres to your strict brand guidelines or our experienced in-house design team can design original artwork to your specifications. We use top of the range Digimura products to produce your wallpaper, ensuring your digital print is of the highest quality. We offer two types of Digimura wallpaper, one of which requires wallpaper paste and is applied like ordinary wallpaper and the other that is self-adhesive. These fabric backed digital wallpaper has an approved fire rating, even when printed and are approved for use in public areas.

With digital wallpaper, the creative possibilities are endless. Transform your corporate space today.

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