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Sign Trays

Whether it's for health and safety notices, customer information, or even home decoration, we offer a range of custom sign panels to suit each and every need. We can produce clear and concise sign panels in a range of sizes.


Sign panels can be produced using the following materials:


Dibond is a 3mm thick Aluminium composite product that is very strong, durable, weather and rust resistant and great for printing. It has a lovely smooth surface meaning it can be used for numerous different types of signs both indoor and outdoor. Dibond is a great product for applications such as shop signs, building signs, car park signs, directional signs and menu boards. Dibond signs can be produced in a variety of widths and lengths.


Acrylic comes in both 3mm and 5mm thickness and can also be used both internally and externally for various signs. It comes in a large range of colours or we can apply coloured vinyl over the top to create a new look. Acrylic is a plastic product with a high gloss finish which can be heated and conformed to different shapes. It's great for point of applications such as point of sale, menu boards, exhibitions, retails signs and nameplates.


Foamex or Foam PVC is a medium weight, durable product which is easy to install and transport. Foamex is best suited to long term indoor or short term outdoor applications such as point of sale, exhibitions and event signage. Foamex comes in 3mm, 5mm, 10mm and 19mm thickness and can be supplied to you in a range of sizes. Foamex can be easily cut into various shapes.


Correx or Fluted Display Board is a 4mm thick product designed for short term use, preferably indoors. It's great for sales signs, event signs, point of sale and exhibitions. It is extremely lightweight and therefore easy to transport.


Sign panels can be finished in different styles to suit your application:


We can provide the dibond and acrylic panels with rounded edges or leave them square. All the products can have various fixings which we can advise you on such as locators, bullet fixings, double sided tape, velcro etc.

Customised Signs

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