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Banners are a great way of getting your message across to your customers in a simple yet effective manner. Banners can be fixed almost anywhere and are easy to install. All banners are hemmed and come complete with fitted eyelets. Banners can be produced with either cut vinyl graphics or they can be digitally printed to suit your advertising needs. Cut vinyl graphic banners are useful for short-term promotions as the vinyl can be changed and the banner re-used and altered. Digitally printed banners are a more striking choice for long-term signage and full colour prints can be produced, creating eye-catching designs. Each banner material has individual characteristics that make it suitable for different applications. Banners can be made in a range of different sizes and specifications.


Eco-friendly vinyl

Our PVC-free vinyl is environmentally friendly and contains no harsh chemicals such as chlorine or plasticisers. Suitable for indoor use, public exhibitions, or showrooms.

For certain orders, particularly for indoor use or public exhibitions, you may need your product to comply with strict fire regulation rules. Customised Signs use industry-standard, B rated fire resistant material, so you can be sure that your product is safe.

Fire regulations

Single-sided Banners


Single-sided banners are a popular choice and are great for short-term promotions such as sporting events. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these banners are an effective signage solution. You can choose from either standard 300gsm thickness or 440gsm if you are looking for a higher resolution print.



Mesh Banners


Mesh banners are suitable for numerous applications but are most commonly used within a construction setting as banners for scaffolding towers or fence banners. Printed on one side, mesh banners allow the circulation of air and light whilst still providing a strong printed image.



Fire Rated Print Media


For certain applications, for example public display, banners may need to comply with strict fire safety regulations. Only products with the suitable fire safety rating may be used in certain environments. Customised Signs use industry standard, B rated fire resistant material when fabricating banners.


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